Power Outage

My apologies to those of you that found my Gurulog® unavailable today. I had a local power outage in Long Beach. This took the site down for a few hours. It also changed my ISP provided Dynamic IP address. I created a Dynamic DNS link for the Gurulog. This will prevent future issues with the IP address. From this point forward gurulog.selfip.net will function for this site. I will obtain a more permanent solution, when this site generates revenue.

Gigabyte Authorized!

For those of you that have not read my previous Gigabyte related posts:

I had a very negative set of experiences with Gigabyte starting in July of 2008. The situation has never been resolved to my satisfaction. I do not recommend Gigabyte products, nor will I use them, unless a client requires it.

Imagine my surprise when I received a 30 pound box from Gigabyte this morning containing all the promotional items one could ever want for from Gigabyte. They included banners, promotional stickers, pens, Shirts, calendars and various other items to promote Gigabyte motherboards. I am the newest Gigabyte Authorized reseller in Long Beach, California!

Given that I will never recommend another Gigabyte product, based on my first hand experiences, this is quite amusing to me. I am tempted to ransom the promotional items back to Gigabyte for satisfaction of my existing issues. As always I welcome your comments, please feel free.

Evans Computers

Quad vs. Duo

Another benchmark test this afternoon. Results were consistent with the previous results. An Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 outperformed an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 in several tests Quad outperformed in the SciMark2 Composite (by 20%) and Super Pi v2 (less than 1%) tests. Server bench test results at Phoronix Global

Server performance

I have created several server environs in the past week. Today I bench marked one of my servers using Phoronix test suite. The results were astounding! My server running a Core 2 Duo E8400 processor was able to outperform an 8 way Xeon (Dell PowerEdge R900) and a 16 way Xeon server in standardized tests. View the results Phoronix Global

Fedora 10 on ICH10R not compatible

I’ve been attempting to get one of my servers upgraded to Fedora 10 64 bit.   It is occupying a considerable amount of my time of late.   I am sure I will have a few posts worth of information about that when I have it completed.

Fedora 10 X86_64 Install on an existing RAID0 ICH10.

It’s not clean and it definitely is not pretty. I was able to get F9 64 bit installed on my Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3r ICH10r based system on an existing “FakeRAID”. I initially installed XP, used the floppy driver method and created a 2X500G WDC SATA II RAID0 array. Next I partitioned it and installed Vista Ultra 64 bit to the 2nd partition. I created a 3rd partition for storage, All NTFS.

I’ll give the cliff notes version.

Install F8 using the FULL DVD, not a live image. For some reason F8 correctly identifies the “FakeRAID” and even allows you to resize partitions and such. Once F8 is online and operational, use yum or your favorite package manager to update all of your software to the latest F8 versions. Helped me to remove the packages I do not use before that.

Insert F9 FULL DVD installer. Boot to it. I was fortunate. F9 recognized the EXT3 partitions on the “FakeRAID”.
Install was smooth. The boot after was a bit nerve racking. X did NOT start. Fortunately network services did start. Yum worked. I updated the packages by letter groups to keep the buffer from overflowing on Yum.
As so:
yum -y update a*
yum -y update b*…

And so on. Lots of library and dependency errors, but as I installed the updates the issues became fewer.
Now the system is Online and operational with the latest 64 bit F9 updates. Compiz and Emerald themes are working wonderfully well, and I can boot this beast to WIndows XP SP3 32bit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, or F9 64bit as I desire.

Worth it?

When my “FakeRAID” allows data reads and writes in Vista at 187MB/s, I find there is definitely some benefit.
Your mileage may vary.

I’m not feeling Foolhardy enough to try F9 to F10 yet with this. That may be a good long time away in the future.