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Windows. Why do I still use it?

I just received an email from an old friend after reading today’s post about Fedora. He said “You still use Windows, don’t you?” I replied in the affirmative. I do still use Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. There are only two reasons.

1) I need to be able to support my customers and clients that prefer to use Windows. I charge the same amount per hour to fix a Windows issue as a Fedora issue.
Fedora customers need fewer fixes per year.

2) When I am creating or modifying a web site hosted on Microsoft servers, I am required to use Microsoft Windows.

Those are the two times you will find me using Windows. The rest of the day I use Fedora. This server is running Fedora 11 x64 with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is sitting right next to me in my home office. This system I am using as a workstation has Fedora 11 x64, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Fedora 12 x64 and Fedora 11 installed in a multi-boot configuration. Fedora 11 x64 is what I use most.

Reasons Fedora may be of interest.

1. Security. You will not need to worry about 20 new viruses, worms, trojans or malware programs every day for Fedora. There are very few of these to worry about with Linux.

2. Price. Free for the Download. You do not have to pay for Fedora, EVER. Visit Fedora’s Site. This is also true for most other flavors of Linux.

3. Stability. I had a system running Fedora that did not require a reboot for over a year. No other OS I’ve tried has been able to do that.

4. Hardware Compatibility. Fedora works with all the latest and greatest hardware.

5. System requirements. Fedora will work with OLD hardware too. You don’t need 11 Billion Jigawatts to run Fedora. ( It will use them effectively if you have them though. )

6. Low Maintenance. Updates occur from time to time. Fedora can be updated less frequently than others.

7. Firefox works on Fedora too. Firefox is readily available for Fedora and works quite well on Fedora 9, 10 or 11.

8. Total Cost of Ownership. Fedora costs less up front, in the middle, at the back, and overall.

9. Support. Fedora has many choices for support. You are not limited to a single vendor like Apple or Microsoft.

10. Open source. If you don’t like the way a program works, you can roll up your sleaves and fix it.

11. Common. The most common OS on the planet. There are more systems running Fedora or Redhat than any other single OS.

12. Maturity. Fedora has been around for over 15 years.

13. The Memory Factor. My memory doesn’t work as well as it used to. I am somewhat impacted by OLD Timers and CRS ( Can’t remember stuff ).  I  learned NIX Commands 20 years ago.   They still work on Fedora today.  Example “tar -xvf pictures.tar.gz” will still uncompress the pictures.tar.gz file into the current directory.  There are no commands in Windows Vista that were used in DOS 5.0.  Fedora did not rename every icon just to prove they did something.   Vista did.

14. Learning curve.  Fedora is very easy to learn.

15. Set up speed. Fedora takes about 12 minutes to install on an older system.

16. Did I mention that most applications for Fedora are FREE too? Firefox, OpenOffice.org, etc. All FREE.

17. Customization.   If you are familiar with Skins for Winamp and such, you can skin your entire OS the same way with Fedora.  You can rename, move, remove and add things anywhere and everywhere you prefer.

Microsoft made a permanent fatal error when they released Vista half baked. Windows 7 has many of the same issues Vista has.  Mac has always been more expensive for hardware, more expensive for software, and more expensive for peripherals. Linux and especially Fedora Linux is a viable alternative that has come of age.  It’s time to give it a try.

Fedora 11 Released!

After two slips in the release schedule, Fedora 11 is now released. There are still some problems if you have an Intel ICH10R or Nvidia C55 RAID controller that you formatted using the Windows driver/utilities. Nothing is perfect. Fedora 11 is considerably better than any version of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or other versions of Linux such as Ubuntu. I personally recommend the 64 bit edition. The price is right too, it’s FREE. Learn more at Fedora’s Web site

Windows 7 Hype

There seems to be quite a lot of this around today. Various news sources are ramping up the fufara and fanfare for or about Windows 7. I have installed the Release Candidate of Windows 7 on my QX9650 powered workstation. I am not terribly impressed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a feature called Relibility Reporting. This allows an Administrative user to see how often Windows has issues, their severity, and gives a 10 point scale of your system’s reliability.

On Windows 7, my system is operating at the 5 level of reliability. In 15 days it has had 8 days when there was a critical system error. Same hardware running Fedora 11 or Windows XP x64 has exhibited no major errors. The cost of Windows 7 is expected to be about the same as Windows Vista. Fedora 11 costs the same as Fedora 10. It’s free. Even Mac OS isn’t quite that inexpensive.

Howto: Fedora 11 “SoftRAID”

There is now a way to install F11 x64 or i686 on a Nvidia or Intel ICH10R RAID that was initially created using Windows. Install Fedora 9 x64 or i686 from the Full install DVD. Partition as needed. Once that is complete, use a minimal install set for Fedora 9. We do this for the ability to slice the partitions safely. Next use a F11 DVD to install on the existing partition and select format the existing partition. Do NOT delete the existing partition or you will end up with a segmentation fault in Anaconda. It has been a long time coming and this is not an elegant solution but you can now have F11 installed on an NVIDIA C55 chip set RAID or INTEL ICH10R chip set RAID that was originally formatted or configured using Windows. The change is dramatic. F11 boots on my E8400 Core 2 Duo 20 seconds faster with F11 than with F10.    Fedora 10 will never get fixed for this issue.   Fedora 13 is doing a fair job without workarounds.