Secure Email – oxymoron – WhiteGate™

The following is a direct quote from Funcom related to support for Age of Conan:

Our Game Masters will not deal with account issues or issues related to accounts in-game.

The reason for this is simple: privacy concerns.  In order to deal with many account issues, we require very detailed personal or financial information, and we do not consider in-game chat to be a secure environment in which to do so.  The risk of a miss tell that goes to a public channel, and the desire to protect individual credit card or bank information makes this a very poor security choice.

For this reason, our GM’s will always direct you to contact  E-Mail communications between our customers and Funcom are the most efficient and secure method to correct any account inquiries that you might have.

Obviously FunCom presumes email to be a secure form of communication.   Email has NEVER been a secure form of communication.   It is even LESS secure than a typical cell phone conversation.   If you want secure email you have to employ gpg or pgp to encrypt each individual email before you send or receive each message.

WhiteGate of the week goes to FunCom!  – Great Job!