Recent software security updates.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3
Adobe Flash 10.42.34
Frefox 3.6 for Windows
Firefox 3.5.6-1 for Fedora
Java 6.0 update 18
Microsoft IIS stack overflow issues
Microsoft Internet exploder exploits
Microsoft video codecs
VMware video codec
Wordpress 2.9.1

Howto: Secure passwords

An article published in the New York Times January 22, 2010, written by Ashlee Vance, indicates that far too many people use simple passwords.

There is an easy solution for this issue. Roboform2GO can be installed on a USB flash drive.  It can store the URL and passwords for 10 websites for free, and unlimited websites once you pay for and register the software.   The application works well with all versions of Windows that use either Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.   I happened upon this very useful program while servicing a client system.    I have been a proponent ever since.  You can use a “master password” to secure your passwords. You remember ONE password, Roboform stores the rest for you, in an encrypted format.   The software can also generate extremely secure passwords in real time with adjustable criterion. Need a 12 digit pass phrase with 2 numerals and one special character? No problem.  It encrypts all of your passwords on the USB Flash drive.  You can also install the software directly to your computer.    For $59+shipping you can have all your passwords secured on one USB flash drive.  It’s a small price to pay for serious password security.    It also prevents key loggers from stealing your passwords.

Email jaguar07 at Evanscomputers DOT com or call 714-458-0190 to order today!

Nvidia “Fake” RAID0 identical in speed to Fedora 12 Soft RAID.

Test Results
I have often read that Fedora Logical RAID has better performance characteristics than a “BIOS” or “FAKE” RAID. That may be true in some cases. Today I dispelled that myth in regards to Nvidia BIOS RAID0 versus Fedora Logical RAID0. The test results were identical. Results were obtained with the latest Fedora 12 updates applied, and EXT4 was the format of the file systems. Note that in all but one test of the series, the Nvidia C55 based ASUS P5N-E SLi E8400 system using a standard WDC 5000AAKS running Fedora 11 with an EXT3 partition outperformed an Evga 780i FTW QX9650 system using two WDC 5000AAKS in RAID0 AND using an Intel X25M SSD. Check the results at the link at the top of this article.

SanDisk Issues Continue to Astound!

I called the Corporate headquarters for SanDisk this morning to suggest that they need to implement some changes to the wording of one of their knowledge base articles.
The receptionist finally picked up the phone after 25 rings.

Please connect me to the Director of Support or the Public relations department.
She replied: “We do not have listings by department or Job function here. We only have names and extensions.”
I replied, “That is rather Unorthodox! I guess I can not talk to anyone about your issue.”

The issue is that the “SanDisk “One Touch” backup USB stick” U3 application does not work under Windows 7. The knowledge base indicates a procedure for a work around that does not work as well. You can update the U3 application with a Windows XP system. The U3 application does function after the update is applied 4 times. Even when the U3 application functions, the “One Touch Backup” does not function.

Significant increase in business and traffic.

I am very happy to report that I have seen significant increases in the amount of business I am doing this year versus the same period last year. I certainly hope this trend continues throughout the year. The first quarter is looking great already.

I am also quite pleased with the increase in traffic to the Gurulog®. I have had visitors from 19 countries in nine calendar days so far.