Ubuntu 10.04 Launches!

For those who have been anxiously awaiting the release of Ubuntu 10.04, the wait is over.   Ubuntu 10.04 is available now.

10.04 is a LTS release.  This means that the workstation version will have 3 years of support and updates and the server version will have 5 years of support and updates available.

A new definition for CSS.

Computer Stress Syndrome is a new medically accepted term for the stress that people suffer directly related to their computers.

Slow boot times,  crashing computers, and the agony of dealing with technical support are but a few of the many causes.

Though I am not a Medical Doctor,  I do have a suggestion that may prevent or severely curtail CSS in your life.

Hire a professional computer consultant.

Ask your computer consultant to schedule routine visits.   Most of my clients benefit from a one hour visit every three to four months.

If you are technically gifted, you may not need a consultant that often.  If you are technically challenged you may need more frequent visits.

Call your consultant when you first become aware of major issues with your computer.   The sooner an issue is resolved the less stress it will cause you.  You may also save time and money on the repairs.   Most computer issues have a tendency to domino much like car  and/or home repairs.

Computer consultants are considerably less expensive per hour than psychiatrists.  The results are often more immediate and tangible.  Many computer consultants still make house calls.

REACT raids Gizmodo editor’s residence

Jason Chen’s house was raided with a search warrant by REACT Officers today.  This was in relation to the Apple iPhone prototype.

I think this may create some serious issues for Apple if they pursue criminal charges in this matter.

Good time to sell Apple stock today or early tomorrow.  A twenty-one point short gain is a fantastic six day GAIN.

Video performance: Intel Core 2 Quad QX9650 vs Intel Core i5 660.

Lightsmark Benchmark Result i5 660 processor.
Lightsmark Benchmark Result QX9650 processor.

In both of the above benchmarks the following items are identical:

Fedora 12×64

Nvidia Video driver

Evga GTX260 core 216 GPU

4G of RAM

Intel X25-M SSD

The following items are different:

DDR2 RAM for the QX9650 benchmark.

DDR3 RAM for the i5 660 benchmark.

The QX9650 is using an Evga 780i FTW motheroboard.

The i5 660 is using an ASUS P7H55-M Pro motherboard.

The differences in the benchmark results are negligible.   The i5 660 Processor is able to perform within one half of one percent of the QX9650.

Provided the Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX9650 processor is an older processor.  But it is a processor that was one of the fastest Intel had ever created 2 years ago when it released.


If you are in the market to buy or build a new computer, the Intel i5 660 makes a very compelling argument for high performance.  Of all things, it is also very energy efficient.   The processor tends to run very cool even under duress.   My testing shows a top temperature of 35 degrees Celsius with stock cooling in a CoolerMaster 690 II advanced case with the stock fans.  If you are using an older processor that is not as powerful as the QX9650 you should see significant performance gain.   Bottom line.  This system has more bang for your proverbial dollar than any other system you can buy or build.   I build and sell i5 660 based systems starting at $1195 plus shipping.  The Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX9650 processor cost $1000 on sale typically.


The Intel H55 chipset does NOT support dual video cards OR RAID.   If you are interested in those features you will need to step up to an Intel P55 chipset based motherboard to enable them.  The extreme performance crowd will want SLi or Crossfire support that this system can NOT provide.   Even if you use a P55 chipset motherboard you are limited to two video cards running at 8x performance each.  To obtain the full x16  performance on multiple video cards simultaneously  you have to step up to an X58 socket 1366 motherboard and processor.

If you like Ubuntu, you are going to love 10.04.

The interface is clean and neat.  The installation is fast and smooth.  I installed Kubuntu 10.04 last night.   I was pleasantly surprised.

Some of the new features include Grub 1.98, plasma support, removal of HAL, and so on.   If you like Ubuntu, you will love 10.04.

Personally I always have a feeling of missing half of the things I need when I use Ubuntu.    I miss su, Administration controls,  and various little things  that are readily available with Fedora builds.

I still test most of the major versions of Linux when they release.  Some releases are ready, some feel rushed. some are just not ready.   10.04 Lynx feels like it is ready.   10.04 is a Long Term Support version.   This means updates will be available for a minimum of  three years for the operating system.

Two days after — iPhone leak still getting a lot of attention. Apple stock up to 259

There are a wide range of opinions related to whether Apple leaked the iPhone prototype intentionally.  Gurulog believes they did.   Gizmodo believes they did not.  Regardless of which side you believe, there are certain facts that have come to pass as a result.

1) Apple has gotten a lot of free press from the incident.

2) The story has gone viral.

3) A lot of buzz is out there about the story.

4) Gizmodo is definitely getting a significant amount of attention as a result.

5) Gurulog has gotten a significant boost in statistics by publishing a couple of short articles related to the story.

6) Apple’s stock is doing quite well as of the time this article was written.    Apple closed Friday at 247.  Apple Opened on Monday at 247.  Closed Tuesday at 244.  Opened today at 244 and is currently at 259.

Seems the stock took a slight hit early in the week.  It has recovered and bounded forward quite well this morning.

Remember for HUGE companies like Apple, ANY PRESS is GREAT PRESS.

Even Negative press is Great Press.

Why? It’s Free press.

So does it really matter whether the leak of the iPhone prototype was intentional or not?

The only person I see having a negative result is the young engineer, I will not name.   He supposedly “misplaced” the prototype.  His name will fade from the public memory rapidly.   His job is very well secured by this event.  If Apple were to terminate his employment at any time in the next year or so, it would create considerable negative press for Apple.  The type of the David and Goliath variety.   The one exception to the any press is Great press rule.

Gizmodo contends that there is not an upside to the leak.  The stock ticker tells a different story.

Droid sales have been slower since the news leaked.  So Motorola may be a loser this week.  I believe that the open source model of the Droid will far surpass the proprietary model of the iPhone in the long haul.

Apple leaked the iPhone. Why, read on…

Maybe not directly to Gizmodo, but it was an intentional act.  Why?  There are a plethora of possible motives.

1) Droid is a serious threat.

2) Ipad is not selling as well as it could/should.

3) They wanted to “spice” things up.

4) Apple has been great on secrecy, letting something slip brings tons of attention to bear.

Could be for a combination of all 4 above or for a great many reasons as yet unknown.

One thing I can say for certain, they let it slip.  It was not some inadvertent blunder by the young engineer working for the agency.  It was a calculated slip to generate attention.  It is doing so very well.

Gizmodo site unreachable over iPhone

It would appear that the latest round of attention Gizmodo is being flooded with may not be an entirely positive experience. The Gizmodo web site was unreachable at the time I wrote this. Gizmodo is a blog that acquired a prototype iPhone device recently. I am certain they will take corrective actions to improve their web site accessibility as a result.

I would suggest they get a few ECC Servers for their blog. They are expensive but only a bit more than they paid for the prototype iPhone, each. The ECC Sabre™ server outperforms all other off the shelf servers available.   It is an exceptional value.

Tom’s Hardware benchmark confirms i5 660, i5 661, i7 870 faster than i7 980x.

This benchmark was for Lame and the results indicate that the i5 660, i5 661, and the i7 870 all tied for first when encoding audio from wav format to mp3 format. They all outperformed the i7 980x. Lame is obviously not SMP for more than 2 cores.

I said something to this effect back in September of 2009.
Long before Tom’s Hardware and/or Nvidia mysteriously came to the same independent conclusion on their own. Sometimes emulation is indeed the best form of flattery.

VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM 600G hard drive released!

Today I received the Official Western Digital announcement for the new VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM 600G SATA 6G/s drive. Sounds impressive. If we were limited to mechanical drives, this one definitely would be the one to have for performance. The problem is, we are not limited to mechanical drives. Solid state drives are readily available. The Intel X25-M produces much faster results using a SATA 3G/s interface than the new VelociRaptor drive does using a 6G/s interface. Mechanical drives are wonderful for economical long term storage. The VelociRaptor is far from economical. The 300G model is selling for approximately $200 on Amazon. When compared to a 1TB Western Digital OEM Caviar Black at $100, that is a fairly hefty price for the performance. I recommend using a mechanical hard drive as your “long term” storage of choice. I also recommend using an SSD for your operating system, and key performance hungry applications. ANY SSD will outperform the fastest VelociRaptor any day of the week in any I/O performance test.

Comparison Figures


Intel X25-m
Read 65 micro seconds Decimal notation .000065
Write 85 micro seconds Decimal notation .000085

Read 3.6 milli seconds Decimal notation .0036
Write 4.2 milli seconds Decimal notation .0042

So for read seek times, the Intel SSD X25-m is 55X faster than the VelociRaptor.
For Write seek times the Intel SSD X25-m is 49X faster than the VelociRaptor.

Given that the cost of the drives is about the same the only other issue is space.
The Intel X25-m has 80G
The VelociRaptor has 300G

VelociRaptor has 4X the space for the price.

For my use, I’ll take 1/4 the space at 50X the speed for the same price. Your results and preferences may vary.