Why does copyright matter?

Someone, meaning well, posted one of my solutions verbatim to the Intel community forums.  Whether they got it here or someplace else is irrelevant.

When the poster was notified, that they had violated my copyright,  they promptly removed the post in a very timely and mature manner.   I appreciated that.

Let me make this perfectly clear.   This site and all of  this site’s contents are copyrighted material, and I reserve ANY and ALL rights to it.   You may post a link or track back to this site any place you have an inkling to do so.  That will never be a violation of copyright.  This site is not GNU GPL or CC.  It is copyrighted published material.

You may never copy the material here and place it on another site or print it or store it in any format without my written permission.  If you post one sentence as a quote, I’m not likely to enforce my copyrights.  If you copy an entire article I certainly will.   Even if it is for educational or philanthropic purposes.


I am the copyright holder.   I have a vested interest in everyone visiting this site directly.

When my material is published at other locations, people are less likely to visit this site.

A scant few of my visitors make purchases that I get a tiny commission from.  The commissions at this point do not pay for the electricity used to run this server on.   The site does not pay for itself directly.  What makes this all worthwhile, is that about one of the visitors to this site a month, calls me for a server, a system or my services.   Some visitors tell friends or family that later purchase a server, a system or my services.  If that were to never happen again, this site would vanish.

Sounds a bit harsh, but that is the way life is sometimes.

I know that some of you might be rolling your eyes about now.  That is fine.    Remember when Tom’s Hardware was ad free for the most part?  Owned by a small company, it was a nice place to visit.  Now,  Tom’s Hardware is owned my some media giant conglomerate corporation.  The articles are not as concise.  They do not create new sets of charts every quarter.   And so on.  Remember any sites you actually liked that no longer exist?  Or have become so different you don’t care for them? Same idea.

So ponder for a moment and decide if you are interested in continuing to visit this site or any other site you enjoy visiting.   If the site you enjoy, is never the site you buy anything  from or through, you will never enjoy the places you buy things.   Some of the places you do enjoy visiting will vanish.  Sometimes you have to vote with your wallet.   When you buy things from Amazon via the links on this site it does NOT change the price you pay.   It does help the site a little bit.

Thank you for visiting,

Jeffrey R. Evans
Evans Computers

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