Howto: Install Fedora from a LiveUSB flash drive or CD.

When you have a liveUSB flash drive or liveUSB CD the installation of Fedora is fairly straight forward.

1. Install the LiveUSB flash drive or CD.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Press F8 to acquire the boot menu of your computer.  Some systems may require a different F key such as F2 or F5.

4. Select the LiveUSB drive or CD to boot.

5.  Partition the hard drive you wish to install to.  I typically reserve a 25GB partition for the Linux installation and a 5GB partition for the Linux swap file.   You may want to create a separate partition for your /home directories also.   A fairly well outfitted install of Fedora occupies approximately 8Gb of drive space.

6.  Follow the prompts for the installation.  Be sure to install the Grub boot loader if you are dual booting.