Very well appointed laptop for all around use.

Tired of chasing it

I have been a proponent of AMD for the last few years. They make fast and reliable products if we ignore the great GPU driver fandango of the 5700 series at launch.

After making a very concerted effort to purchase an AMD 6800 XT at MSRP from AMD directly since they launched, I’m done. I’ll be going back to EVGA for the Nvidia cards.

I attended the 6000 series launch event, got a card into my cart, and the server stopped responding. When it came back to responding the inventory was sold out.

I attended the 5000 series APU launch on 8/5/2021. I arrived at 7am EDT. The event was scheduled for 9am EDT. At 8:30 AM I was assigned a position in the “virtual line” and then randomized to a point in the line 3 hours later.

Maybe AMD could learn a bit about sales in an online environment. First come first served, a que that isn’t just for an hour but is perpetual until the client’s order is filled, and 1 unit per person per the duration until the shortage of cards ends MIGHT help the next person before they suffer from my level of frustration and give up. I’d love to see AMD succeed.

They just don’t seem to care.

The AMD stock lost 12 points yesterday. Maybe that will shake the tree enough for changes to their methods of selling online.

Go Team Red!

AMD had a special launch event to showcase their new APU offerings. I waited for 3 hours before the event then was put into a virtual line for over two hours. Reminds me of the 6800XT GPU launch.

There’s an interesting problem on the description of the AMD web site for their new APUs. Both indicate that a discrete GPU is required. Not accurate information.

Go Team Red!