AMD Stock

If you purchased AMD at 50-60 and are in it for the short gain, this is a great time to sell and take a profit.

Buy AMD stock before July 30th

The sooner the better. The current price is hovering in the $50 per share range. If you want to buy in at a lower price, there are sites that offer fractional sales with nominal fees.

Stockpile allows you to buy and/or sell at what ever price point you would prefer for $0.99 per buy, $0.99 per sale with no monthly fees and no minimums.

There are other great options if you are willing to buy in whole shares.

Target COULD have paid attention

If you search through my posts from 2010 I responded on this site to a rash of misinformation in the news about man in the middle attacks related to HTTPS transactions over ANY connection type including wireless at your local Coffee shop or McDonalds.

Then as now, if your browser is using HTTPS and the web site you are visiting is ALSO using HTTPS, it would take 1000s of modern computers years to decipher the encrypted content. So change your password at your bank and other sensitive sites once a year, every quarter if you would prefer to be ULTRA safe.

The part Target COULD have paid attention to, is that I said in that post on May 18, 2010:

Your credit card is more likely to be compromised by the database of the merchant, than via your secure transaction. This can and does happen frequently. It is still a much more secure method of purchasing than when you visit a store in person.

Evans Computer Consulting at on May 18, 2010

Primary System Specifications

Affiliate disclosure

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Chromax LTT edition

GPU: AsRock Radeon 5700 XT (reference blower design)

MB: Gigabyte Aorus Ultra x570

Case: Corsair Carbide Series 275R (Glass side panel)

PSU: Corsair 860W AX860i 80+ Platinum

RAM: G.Skill 32GB (2×16) RipJaws V 3200Mhz C16

NVMe 1: Sabrent 1TB Rocket PCIe 4.0

NVMe 2: Samsung EVO Plus 1 TB

NVMe 3: Crucial P1 1TB

Mouse: Razer Death Adder Essential (White)

Keyboard: G.Skill Ripjaws KM780R MX Mechanical (Cherry MX Browns)

Speakers: Bose Companion 5 2.1 w/subwoofer

Monitor: LG 32GK650F-B 32″ 16:9 QHD LCD

Cam: Logitech C920

UPS: APC 1450 Backup

3900x Monster with GTX 1080 awaiting 5700 XT.

Razer Death Adder Essential

One of my favorite mice thus far, it looks sharp in white or black and it tracks exceptionally well. Holds up to use and abuse even gaming hard for hundreds of hours.

Comes in black or white models.

Another AMD RADEON Driver Update that mostly fails

AMD released 20.1.2 Version of the AMD RADEON drivers on January 15th of 2020. This new driver is supposed to enhance the features of online streaming. I still have to revert to the 19.11.3 version to get basic functionality for all of the games I play on a regular basis. HELLO AMD are you listening to any of those of us who purchased your 5000 series cards to play games with? We would appreciate a Video driver update that works to solve problems like black screens during a game, animations of fires that are blue with no hint of red or yellow, sudden optimizations that drag the FPS into the snail zone and so on. Without basic functionality, the frills you add won’t matter in the least. I’d really like to see RADEON topple Nvidia from it’s lofty perch but at this point, I’m leaning towards Nvidia for my next video card. Overpriced? Absolutely! Nvidia drivers function out of the box with each rendition of the driver nearly every time.

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AMD Ryzen Gen3 Pricing

Now the pricing or at least the MSRP type pricing information is published for the AMD Ryzen Gen3 CPUs.

The Ryzen 9 3900x 12 core 24 thread 3.8Ghz Base – 4.6Ghz Boost clock CPU is slated for $499

The Ryzen 7 3800x 8 core 16 thread 3.7Ghz base to 4.5Ghz Boost clock CPU is slated for $399

The Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core 16 thread 3.6Ghz base to 4.4Ghz boost clock CPU is $329

I know these processors shake the tree and surpass Intel’s offerings which I am very pleasantly excited about. Competition brings down the price and increases the capabilities of the products for consumers. We all win. I am a bit disappointed at the MSRP levels. The MSRP type prices fall approximately into the same values as Intel’s pricing for the competing products. Kudos to AMD for becoming the Victor in the speed segment of consumer level processors. If the retail prices actually are significantly lower for retail than I anticipate, AMD has just hit the ball OUT of the park. This is certainly a home run for them in any case.

These prices are MSRP type values and the actual pricing could be 20% lower or even less on most of the sites such as newegg and amazon. July 7, 2019 is the release date for the processors to go on sale.

I have been firmly entrenched in the Intel CPU camp for nearly 20 years. AMD has not measured up until Ryzen was released. I built an AMD Ryzen 2 2700 CPU based system in April of 2019 to see for myself how well the Ryzen 2 CPUs stack up to Intel’s offerings. I was very happy with the results of that endeavor. Now AMD is in the lead! Now if AMD can just topple NVIDIA off of THEIR high horse in the Video card market space ; )