Adobe security issues

The Flash player and Acrobat reader have security issues again.

This vulnerability affects Flash Player 9 through Adobe Reader 9, Acrobat 9, and other Adobe products (including Photoshop CS3, PhotoShop Lightroom, Freehand MX, Fireworks) provide Flash support independent of Flash Player.

Install the 10.1 version of Flash if you need flash or uninstall flash and adobe acrobat reader.

Recent software security updates.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3
Adobe Flash 10.42.34
Frefox 3.6 for Windows
Firefox 3.5.6-1 for Fedora
Java 6.0 update 18
Microsoft IIS stack overflow issues
Microsoft Internet exploder exploits
Microsoft video codecs
VMware video codec
Wordpress 2.9.1


There is a new security update for Adobe Acrobat Reader.
There is a new version of Adobe Flash Plugin for security.  All operating systems.  – 10r32
There is a new version of WordPress for security. 2.8.3

There is a new release of Firefox for security – 3.5.2

New Kernel for F11.

An entire rollover for Archlinux

New release of Phoronix Test Suite 2.0

Java JRE 6 update 15 released today too.

I really love it when everyone releases something new in the span of 48 hours.   I have 7 computers with 2 operating systems each.

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