Myles Berman web site earns WhiteGate™

The Myles Berman  TopGUN DUI® web site has earned the infamous WhiteGate™ award.  Not because the site has been compromised by various exploits.  Due to the fact that the site has been this way for over six months.  Despite numerous attempts to notify the organization directly via phone and email.

Security issues at Top Gun DUI site

If you happen to be in the market for a DUI attorney, please avoid the Top Gun DUI website for now.
The site is currently the victim of a WordPress vulnerability that may cause visitors serious computer security issues, especially those using Windows.

I did not create nor do I maintain the current Top Gun DUI website.   I do periodically review my former clients’ websites.  I have made a few attempts to contact Myles L. Berman® and his staff related to this issue. So far I have not received a reply.

Adobe security issues

The Flash player and Acrobat reader have security issues again.

This vulnerability affects Flash Player 9 through Adobe Reader 9, Acrobat 9, and other Adobe products (including Photoshop CS3, PhotoShop Lightroom, Freehand MX, Fireworks) provide Flash support independent of Flash Player.

Install the 10.1 version of Flash if you need flash or uninstall flash and adobe acrobat reader.

Howto: Securely remove data from a drive.

Many purported security experts believe that reformatting a computer will remove all traces of data. That is just not accurate. Drives can be formatted and reformatted and will still have files that can be easily recovered with the right tools.

There are 2 primary ways to permanently remove data from a hard drive. One is destructive and the other is not destructive.

1) Use a degausser ( powerful electron magnet ) on the drive. This renders the drive completely useless and destroys the drive permanently. This will remove the data permanently. I highly recommend method 2) instead of method 1)

2) If you have Windows XP Pro, Vista Pro, or Windows 7 Pro or higher you can wipe the data from the free spaces on a drive. The first step is to delete the files. Deleting a file does not actually remove it. It merely removes the file entry in the File Allocation Table and removes the first letter of the file name. It also frees the block or blocks of drive space that the file occupied for rewrite. Next up you would open a command prompt and type in cipher /w:C: then press enter. This process will perform a government level wipe of the free space of your C: Drive. It can take several hours for the process to complete. What this does, is overwrite all free space of the drive with 0s, then 1s, then a random hex bit. This does permanantly remove any file that has been deleted. You can also remove individual files explicitly using cipher /w:C:directorynameoffile. Once a file has been wiped using the cipher utility there is no chance that it can ever be recovered by any means. Use with caution.

Howto: Secure passwords

An article published in the New York Times January 22, 2010, written by Ashlee Vance, indicates that far too many people use simple passwords.

There is an easy solution for this issue. Roboform2GO can be installed on a USB flash drive.  It can store the URL and passwords for 10 websites for free, and unlimited websites once you pay for and register the software.   The application works well with all versions of Windows that use either Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.   I happened upon this very useful program while servicing a client system.    I have been a proponent ever since.  You can use a “master password” to secure your passwords. You remember ONE password, Roboform stores the rest for you, in an encrypted format.   The software can also generate extremely secure passwords in real time with adjustable criterion. Need a 12 digit pass phrase with 2 numerals and one special character? No problem.  It encrypts all of your passwords on the USB Flash drive.  You can also install the software directly to your computer.    For $59+shipping you can have all your passwords secured on one USB flash drive.  It’s a small price to pay for serious password security.    It also prevents key loggers from stealing your passwords.

Email jaguar07 at Evanscomputers DOT com or call 714-458-0190 to order today!

New virus infections spreading fast!

Many of my clients have had to contact me in the past week related to new Virus infections.

The axiom: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure  is extremely accurate.

Prevention is fairly simple.

Get a reputable anti-virus product installed,  keep it updated.  Most of the better products ship with software firewalls.

I personally use ESET Smart Security Suite 4 for all of my Windows systems.  I use Clamav, Selinux, and IP chains for my servers.

The misconception that an email attachment or an infected file from portable media is the only way to get infected will be the demise of many small and medium sized businesses this year.

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